There will be a Track Attack Training Camp on Saturday, December 14th from 10:00 – 2:30 at Arrowhead Park (we’ll meet at the Pavillion) for Track Attack and Lynx skiers. The park will be officially open by that time. Time will tell whether we will be able to ski on that day! Note:  In a previous post it listed 10:30 – 2:30.  It is not 10:00 – 2:00!

The first four weeks of the Track Attack and Lynx programs will involve classic skiing, while the final four weeks will involve skate skiing. It is best to have equipment that is specific to the two different types of skiing (i.e. poles, skis and boots). A good combi pair of skis and boots may be able to bridge the two different types of skiing.

If you don’t have all of the equipment you need, Arrowhead Park has a good deal for the season for our skiers. For $28, they can rent classic ski equipment for the four sessions and for $40, they can rent skate ski equipment for the four sessions. You will need to arrange and pay for these rentals in advance (at the Visitor’s Centre … Birches’ parking lot).

Let it snow!

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