Fireplace Dedication

Members’ Celebration of the new Park Visitor Centre!

A Family event for Arrowhead Nordic Ski Club Members and their Guests!

Update:  We had a wonderful celebration! 

Arrowhead Nordic Ski Club, along with the old Huntsville Ski Club, presented a donation to the Park.  These funds are dedicated for the construction of the fireplace in the new Visitor Centre.



In 2012, The Huntsville Ski Club offered a large sum of money to Arrowhead Nordic Ski Club with the stipulation that it be used to acquire a facility of lasting value to the members of the Arrowhead Nordic Ski Club and the public such as a building or a portion of a building.  Arrowhead Nordic has used this money to build the beautiful stone fireplace in the new Visitor’s Center.  We are thrilled to be able to “unveil” the fireplace to our members and make a presentation to Mr. Bob Hutcheson who is a trustee of the Huntsville Ski Club. The Huntsville Ski Club was founded in 1932 and owned an extensive network of trails, runs and ski jumps including Memorial Park, Mica Mine Hill and Steven’s Hill on Gryffin Lodge Road.  The club operated there until early 1960’s and disbanded just a few years ago.  Thank you to those who were able to come out and celebrate the legacy of this club that played such a vital role in Huntsville’s history.

Check out the photos in the gallery below!  All photos by Don McCormick