Muskoka Noppet

The "Not-Loppet"

2021 Muskoka Noppet (Not-Loppet)

All club Members are welcome to participate in our all new ” 2021 Muskoka Noppet”.  


The 2021 Muskoka Noppet

It has been a fabulous year for skiing at Arrowhead Provincial Park.  The trails have been meticulously groomed (thank you APP Staff).  It’s easy to practise social distancing.  There’s an abundance of snow, and the weather has been perfect.  Cold nights to preserve the snow and warm-ish days so we don’t freeze.  The only thing that is missing (besides our extended après-skis beside the fire) is our programs.  No lessons, no events and especially, no Loppet.

Now,  Arrowhead Nordic Ski Club members can participate in our new Muskoka Noppet  which will take place from March 1 to March 14 2021.  You choose the date, distance, and route and start skiing.  Results will be posted on March 15.  

Cost:  Free to club members.  Not a club member?  Click the registration button to join.  Cost is $30.

Date:  March 1 to March 14.

Registration:  Not necessary.  All club members are eligible to participate – for free!

Anyone who has registered for any of our programs (JackRabbit, Track Attack, Return to Ski, Ski For Fitness, Masters, ARC) is a club member – even if your program was cancelled.  You are automatically registered for the Noppet.  No need to register in advance.

How to Participate:

  • Choose your ski date between March 1 and March 14

  • Choose a distance from the list below. 

  • Decide on a route.  Have a look at the Trail Map

  • You can skate, classic or do a bit of both.

  • Ski your route.

  • Record the time it took to ski the distance (H:M:S)

  • Enter you results on the Noppet Results Entry Form.   (the link to this form will be provided on March 1st.)

  • Enter as many times as you like.  We will only keep the fastest time for each distance.  Challenge yourself with longer distances.  

  • If you have Strava data, or a .gpx file,  please provide the link to that when you fill out the form.  

  • Take a picture of your Noppet adventure, and send it to us at

Distance Categories

  • 5 km

  • 15km

  • 30 km

  • 45 km

  • 60 km

  • 80 km

Results will be posted on March 15.  


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