NEW! Track Attack Fall Dryland Program

8 week dryland session beginning Wednesday, Oct 21.  3:45-5:15 pm.   Registration Deadline is Saturday October 17.

For ages 9-12 who have completed Level 4 Jackrabbits.  It is also suitable for older kids in this age range who are new to skiing and plan to register in our Lynx program this winter, or who were in Lynx last winter.

Instead of half-day training and day long dryland training sessions this year, Track Attack/Lynx is offering an eight-week dryland session for skiers between the ages of 9 and 12.  We feel this will be easier to manage safely. The focus will be on outdoor fitness, fun and team building.  Participants will meet at various locations in Huntsville for 1 ½ hours of outdoor activity.  The program will run from Wednesdays from 3:45-5:15, October 21 – December 9th.   

Coaches:  Anne Lindsay and Candace Wahl

Fee is $90.  This fee is for fall TA/Lynx only.  It is an optional, separate program from winter TA or Lynx since we are uncertain at this time what will be happening with winter programs.  Winter Track Attack and Lynx will begin in January, hopefully

Please Note:  Registration is NOT open for winter Track Attack or Lynx or any of our other winter programs yet until we know more about the Covid situation.

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