Muskoka Loppet

Arrowhead Nordic Ski Club


Photo by Don McCormick


Another GREAT Loppet!

The wind was wicked but our skiers and volunteers toughed it out on superb snow conditions!

Over 300 skiers battled snow squall road conditions to participate in the 2019 Muskoka Loppet.  With Arrowhead’s new Pavillion, and Visitor Centre, they had ample opportunity to escape the cold.  For the first time ever, everyone could enjoy their hot lunch indoors!


Click here to view the 2019 Muskoka Loppet Race Results.


Click the image to see Don McCormick’s 2019 Loppet photos.


Click this image to view Scott Young’s photos.


Listed below are the track statistics for the 15 km, the 5 km and the warmup courses.  If you want stats for the 30 km course, do the math! ( It’s 2 loops of the 15 km course!)

For all those Nordic Nerds out there, you can view the route on Google Earth!  Download the kmz files here. 

Track Statistics for the 15km course

  • Distance: 14.89 km

  • Time: 116:05:29

  • Min/max elev.: 293 m/329 m

  • Gain/loss: 121 m/-121 m

  • Elevation gain/loss threshold: 5m


Track Statistics for the 5 Km Course

  • Distance: 4.798 km

  • Time: 0:33:21

  • Min/max elev.: 301 m/335 m

  • Gain/loss: 42 m/-42 m

  • Trackpoint distance threshold: 3m

  • Elevation gain/loss threshold: 5m

Track Statistics for the Warm-Up/Wax Test Loop

  • Distance: 0.4726 km
  • Time: 0:03:13
  • Min/max elev.: 301 m/310 m
  • Gain/loss: 9 m/-9 m
  • Elevation gain/loss threshold: 3m



The Muskoka Loppet  was held on Sunday January 27, 2019.

Click this link for the Muskoka Loppet Notice of Race.  


At this year’s Muskoka Loppet, we will be able to take advantage of the new facilities in Arrowhead Provincial Park!

The new Park Visitor Centre. We’ll be able to prepare in comfort!

The new wax room has 5 stations with ventilation hoods.

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