COVID-19 Guidelines

Arrowhead Nordic Ski Club

COVID-19 Self-Screening

Please complete the COVID-19 Self-Screening before attending each session.

COVID-19 Guidelines for Arrowhead Nordic Ski Club Programs

November, 2020

Arrowhead Nordic Ski Club is excited to be able to offer programs for the 2020-2021 season. We have been working with Arrowhead Park to develop Covid-19 protocols to ensure that we can run programs while staying safe.   We will be following Cross Country Ski Ontario’s Return to Sport guidelines as well as Public Health guidelines.

These guidelines will give athletes, parents, and coaches direction on how to promote a safe skiing environment. As a club we are prepared for a dynamic situation with the need to adapt protocols based on the most up-to-date information from medical experts and our local health unit.

General Guidelines for all participants, parents and coaches

Covid-19 Screening

  • All participants and coaches need to complete an online screening before coming to lessons. Anyone who screens positive to any of the questions must stay home.  Click the red box above to go to the screening page.
  • You can put a shortcut to this page directly on your phone screen.  On an iphone, in Safari, click the upload symbol and choose ‘Add to Desktop’.

Social Distancing

  • Lessons will be designed to respect social distancing of a minimum of 2 meters from others athletes and coaches.
  • Athletes and coaches will be required to wear a mask at the beginning and end of the practice and if entering any building. Masks must cover the nose and mouth.
  • Group sizes have been reduced and groups will be consistent from week to week.


  • Arrowhead Pavilion will be closed to participants and parents and there will be limited indoor space at the park. Participants are asked to arrive ready to ski. Your vehicle is your warm up and gear storage place.
  • Groups will all meet outside at appropriately distanced spots.
  • Program time in Jackrabbits and Track Attack will be reduced so that indoor spaces do not need to be accessed.
  • Participants need to be prepared for bad weather. Programs may have to be changed or cancelled since we cannot access indoor spaces as a group.
  • Washrooms will have limited access – participants should make every effort to use the washroom before they leave home.


  • Athletes will not share personal items or food and there won’t be a communal snack for Jackrabbits and Track Attack
  • Drills and games will be selected such that equipment sharing is at a minimum.

It is imperative that all athletes, parents, and coaches involved in any Arrowhead Nordic Ski Club program respect physical distancing at all times. Failure to do so puts everyone at risk. Athletes, parents and coaches who do not respect these guidelines may face removal from the program.


Program Specific Guidelines:  Please read the guidelines specific to your program.

Jackrabbit and Track Attack Specific Guidelines

ARC Specific Guidelines 

COVID Guidelines for Adults  (Masters, Ski For Fitness, Beginner/Return to Ski, Private Lessons)

COVID Guidelines for Instructors

Cross Country Ski Ontario Return to Sport Guidelines

Return to Sport:

Return to Training Protocols

Return to Facilities Guidelines:

Skill Development Programs Guidelines:

How to Practise Social Distancing    

It is important to note that with re-opening, there is no such thing as zero risk and that although measures can be taken to ensure participation is as safe as possible, participating athletes, coaches and participants will still be at risk for COVID-19 while participating. FOLLOW PUBLIC HEALTH GUIDELINES AT ALL TIMES.

Simcoe-Muskoka District Health Unit

These guidelines will evolve as our daily laws adjust provincially. We will update this document as deemed relevant. Thank you for your understanding
Arrowhead Nordic Ski Club Board of Directors