Track Attack & Lynx Programs

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Track Attack and Lynx Programs

 Track Attack


Program Coordinator: Holly Strictland

Winter Sessions
8 sessions starting January 5th.  No session on Family Day Weekend.

Winter Time Slots
Saturday mornings: 10:00 -12:00
Saturday afternoons:  1:00 – 3:00
Sunday Mornings: 10:00 – 12:00  (On January 27, the Sunday session will be in the afternoon due to the Loppet.)

Cost of the Program:  $165.00

Fees include both fall and winter sessions AND registration fees to the Muskoka Loppet

Track Attack is a three year program for ages 9-13 and is the final step of Cross Country Canada’s Skill Development Program. Participants should have completed Jackrabbits Level 4. Track Attack is a more in-depth program with lessons on Saturdays as well as opportunities for a training camp, fun races, waxing clinics etc. Further developing skate and classic skills and technique, and providing knowledge of more far-reaching aspects of skiing, the track attack athlete will come away from the program confident in all aspects of the sport.

Track Attack Lynx

Program Times:  Saturday afternoons from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. ONLY 

Program Starts:  January 5th, 2019 (no session on Family Day Weekend)

Program Ends:  March 2nd

Cost of the Program: $150.00

Track Attack Lynx is a program for kids ages 9-13 who are new to skiing and have NOT participated in Jackrabbits in the past (have not completed Jackrabbits Level 4) but would like to begin developing their skills.  This program is NOT for skiers who have come up though the Jackrabbit program.

This program will serve as a link between Jackrabbits and Track Attack for those who would like to join the sport in a less demanding environment than Track Attack. This program will begin from the ground up, providing beginner training and skill development so that the athlete may join Track Attack as soon as their skill level allows.

Please read the following information documents:

Selection Tips for Purchasing Skis

JackRabbit Preseason Tips

JackRabbit Week 1 Newsletter

Trail Pass Information for JackRabbit and Track Attack

JackRabbit and Track Attack Information Sheet

Park ski rental rates for Jackrabbit and Track Attack

Arrowhead Park offers a special flat rate for  Bunnies, Jackrabbits and Track Attack skiers only. Rentals must be arranged with the Park and paid in advance before sessions start.


Type of equipment

Lesson weeks



Classic boots/skis (no poles)

8 weeks


Jackrabbits Levels 1 & 2

Classic boots/skis/poles

8 weeks


Jackrabbits Levels 3 & 4


Week 1-4



Weeks 5-8


Track Attack  & Lynx (winter)


Week 1-4



Weeks 5-8


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