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ARC (Arrowhead Race Centre) Team

Photo by Anne Lindsay

Program Coordinator:  Carl Tusz

The Arrowhead Racing Center (ARC) program is offered for skiers from age 11-20+  (Year of birth is 2007 or earlier) and follows the Cross Country Canada Long Term Athlete Development Model. The program is designed to match the physical and technical ability of the athlete.

Click here for the  2018-2019 ARC Program Guide

The program will introduce younger kids to the fun of racing, different types of racing and training while developing  technical ski skills, agility, balance and coordination, speed and approaches to racing.  Older athletes will build skills, a strong physical foundation and the aerobic capacity that will allow them to perform to their potential in competitions.

Participants can choose from two different groups:

  • Active Group
    This program is aimed towards skiers ages 11-15 with a focus on experiencing the fun of racing.  Skiers will learn about the basics of grip and glide waxing, dryland training, race preparation and strategy, and  technique improvement. Skiers should already be comfortable with both Classic and Skate techniques. Up to 5 supported races per season (Muskoka Loppet, Sounder, Youth Champs and other reasonable Paraffin races.)
  • Competitive Group
    This program is designed for skiers aged 11-18 with a focus on Ontario Cup level races. Skiers will refine technique, learn waxing independence, improve physical conditioning, and focus on race performance. Skiers should be highly competent with all techniques involved with Skate and Classic skiing. 5 supported races per season (2-3 Ontario Cups, Eastern Championships,  Muskoka Loppet, and Youth Champs)

Below is is a comparison of the Active and Competitive Groups. Fees do not include vehicle permits or trail passes to any training venues. Race fees and racing license (for O cup skiers) are not included. There will be an additional fee for training camps to help offset costs.

Active Group Competitive Group
Age 11-15 11-18
Race Focus Paraffin Series and Ontario
Youth Championships
Ontario cups
Eastern Championships
Ontario Youth Championships
Supported races 5 5
Focus 60% skill  –  40% speed 25% skill  –  75% speed
Practices 2 per week 2-4 per week plus additional independent training
Training camps Oct 13/14 and Jan 12/13
Personalized training plan No Yes
Fall practices:
Sept 6 to mid Nov
Thursday gym night and Saturday dryland
Winter practices:
mid Nov – March
Thursday gym practice, Sat on snow Thurs gym, Sat on snow, Tues evening on snow & Sunday team skis beginning in Dec
Fee for fall and winter $400 $500
Fee for winter only $350 $450

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